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The contradiction in the subject - To Paul Parin’s 100th birthday

Author: Emilio Modena

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The honoree, which died in 2009, would have been, on September 20, 2016 a hundred years old. To commemorate his work and his lovable personality several events are planned in Vienna and Zurich, which deal with the various aspects of his work as a physician, neurologist, psychoanalyst ethno-psychoanalyst and writer. We psychoanalysts, who came afterwards, are grateful to him especially for the renewal of psychoanalysis and for his lifelong socio-critical commitment. He was a fearless fighter against fascism and Stalinism and also a gifted storyteller.

As an adolescent he read Hitler's “Mein Kampf" on his father's estate in Nowikloster in Slovenia and henceforth knew what was coming. Shortly afterwards he experienced the first Jewish persecutions at his high school in Graz. Attending the university he studied the classics of Marxist and became an unorthodox Marxist. Clear-sighted he interrupted his medical studies before the annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany and moved as a Swiss Abroad to Zurich. Here he frequented antifascist circles and met his future wife, originally from Graz, Goldy Matthèy, who also had to flee after the collapse of the Spanish Republic, where she had joined the International Brigades. It was not long until the two encountered the like-minded young Swiss doctor Fritz Morgenthaler, resulting in a lifelong friendship.

Paul Parin had been, before his move to Zurich, interested in the Freudian psychoanalysis, but after the state examination he turned to surgery because he wanted to do something useful in the war against the axis powers. With the support of the Centrale Sanitaire Suisse (today Medico International Switzerland) a Medical Mission emerged that under adventurous circumstances traveled to Tito partisans. The three inseparables, operated a polyclinic in Bosnia along with other like-minded people with an attached surgical station until the takeover of the revolutionary army. Now they had to see, how most former self-confident freedom fighters were transformed in customized citizens who did not dare to rebel against the doctrine of the party in the new Yugoslavia, which was bureaucratically controlled by the Communist Party. Disappointed the three friends returned to Zurich and now turned to psychoanalysis to better understand the subjective factors which could cause people under the changed social conditions to such an outwards change in behavior.
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Die Psychotherapeuten von 1946

Author: Lea Dohm

Sigmund Freud beschrieb sich als Psychoanalytiker 1937 in „Die endliche und die unendliche Analyse“ als in einem von drei „unmöglichen Berufen“ – neben Erziehern und Regierenden: Man sei sich von Anfang an des ungewissen Ausgangs bewusst.

Dieses Zitat, an das der Titel angelehnt ist, ist bereits ein erster Hinweis auf den Inhalt: Tatsächlich stehen vorrangig die Psychoanalytiker im Fokus, die Kollegen anderer Verfahren werden eher am Rande erwähnt. Dies ist insofern auffällig, als dass von den drei Herausgebern nur Otto Kernberg klar der Psychoanalyse zugeordnet werden kann. Birger Dulz ist auf stationäre tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Borderline-Behandlungen spezialisiert, Jochen Eckert ist Gesprächspsychotherapeut.

Was erwartet mich?

Das Buch erscheint in nüchterner Aufmachung, die vielen dünnen Seiten blättern beim Lesen immer wieder schnell zurück. Die 609 Seiten sind in drei Hauptkapitel unterteilt: „Theoretisches“ (22 Artikel), „Institutionalisiertes“ (16 Artikel) und „Persönliches“ (21 Artikel). Umrahmt werden die Kapitel von einem Vorwort der Herausgeber (sehr lesenswert!) sowie zuletzt einem umfangreichen Autorenverzeichnis mit sämtlichen Kontaktadressen. Im Buch kommen 62 überwiegend namhafte Autoren zu Wort. Es entsteht der Eindruck einer vertrauten Autorengemeinschaft – und tatsächlich kennen sich mehrere Autoren untereinander persönlich.
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