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Transgenerational Trauma (Part I)

Author: Silvia Prosquill (TVP)

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“Trauma is contagious“, states Judith Herman pointing towards the relationship between mental illness and how it is structurally passed on within different types of relationships. Freud already addressed the transgenerationally transmitted emotional processes in his book “Totem and Taboo”. He argues that

“[…] we may safely assume that no generation is able to conceal any of its more important mental processes from its successor. For psycho-analysis has shown us that everyone possesses in his unconscious mental activity an apparatus which ..."
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Everything done wrong, for the past few years?

Venue: „ADHS - Eine fatale Verführung“ a lecture by Helmuth Figdor organized from the Grünen Kreis and the Sigmund Freud Private University, Vienna on April 19, 2018.
Author: Miriam Kreis

Even Leon Eisenberg, who discovered ADHD, is said to have regretted how much he helped to rise and develop ADHD at his deathbed. Rather than focusing on neuropathology, it is necessary to examine the psychosocial circumstances of the children.

So please let’s start again!

Last night, at Pool7, the venue of the Green Circle, the Viennese psychoanalyst and educational adviser Prof. Helmuth Figdor presented his thoughts on ADHD. The event was characterized by the extremely keen interest of the attendants.

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"Normopathy" as social aberration - Psychodynamics of the bandwagon syndrome

Author: Hans-Joachim Maaz

"Normopathy" refers to a social aberration whose collective pathology is no longer perceived or accepted because a majority of the population consistently thinks and acts in relation to the socially dominant values. It is dominated by the primitive defense mechanism: "What everyone does, cannot be wrong!" 
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„When it rains in Paris, it drizzles in Brussels”

Author: Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)

We put psychoanalysis in Belgium under the magnifying glass.

I would like to give my sincere thanks to Johan De Groef and the psychoanalytic community in Belgium.

The development of psychoanalysis in Belgium is closely tied to the country’s complex history and diversity. Sigmund Freud himself once visited Brussels on his way to Paris, and describes the cosmopolitan city as follows:

"Brussels was beautiful, a huge city, splendid buildings, the street inscriptions French and Flemish [...] I came to a steep hill, where a building stood, of a mass development and column splendor, [...] I really thought it was the royal palace, [...] It was the Palace of Justice. [...] Moving on, I soon came to the Rue Royale and now a find followed the others, the monument of Egmont and Horn was the most beautiful."
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The development of libido / Lo sviluppo della libido

Author: Gabriella Papadia

From the dissolution of the oedipal complex to the development of several attachment styles.

"With the failure of the Oedipal complex the investment on the maternal object must be abandoned" (S. Freud, The Ego and Es)

There is an anecdote in the life of Sigmund Freud that tells the origin of the Oedipus complex; it is said, in fact, that when he was little, his father Jacob told him that at the age of ten, a stranger turned to him exclaiming “Down from the sidewalk, Jew!”. Then, Sigmund asked his father Jacob how he reacted he replied, “...

Lo sviluppo della libido
Dalla dissoluzione del complesso edipico allo sviluppo di diversi stili di attaccamento.

"Con lo sfacelo del complesso edipico deve essere abbandonato l’investimento oggettuale materno" (S. Freud, L’Io e l’Es)

Esiste un aneddoto nella vita del Maestro che racconta l’origine del complesso edipico; si narra, infatti, che quando era piccolo il padre Jacob gli raccontò che all’età di dieci anni un uomo si rivolse a lui esclamando “Giù dal marciapiede ebreo!”, allora Sigmund chiese al padre come avesse reagito e Jacob rispose “...

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The psychoanalysis of the Viennese Sigmund Freud and its significant value for modern man

Sigmund Freud lived in Vienna from 1860 to 1938 where he gained insights that would change the world.

"When people recount their dreams, they don´t talk about the hippocampus."

The golden age of Neuroscience has arrived while Psychoanalysis is still struggling with its bad reputation - Is Neuropsychoanalysis a threat or an ally in the fight for credibility? 

Essay on Separation

In 1958, the English pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott wrote an insightful essay named „The capacity to be alone“, in which he puts this precise capacity as the most important sign of emotional development and thereby maturity.

What about the Nothingness between destroying and building? (Part I)

On the destruction of monuments in times of upheaval, using the example of the Revolution of Dignity 2013/2014 in the Ukraine

„Goodbye, Rainer“

"I am faithful to memories forever; to people I shall never be faithful"

“If you dream of a thief…”

“If you dream of a thief, you will be receiving a guest.”
Popular Egyptian saying

Love as a projection of parental relationships

"One of the forms in which love manifests itself is sexual love, which, if it is taken separately, gives us a bad sense of real satisfaction" - Sigmund Freud.

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