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„Goodbye, Rainer“

Author: Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)

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"I am faithful to memories forever; to people I shall never be faithful"

The countless (1539!) as well as entertaining letters Freud sent to Martha Bernay still enjoy great popularity after their publication in 2011. They shed some light on a different side of Freud that didn’t quite correspond to the popular image. Here, the usually so serious psychoanalyst flirts, compliments and woos his beloved.
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Oedipus in Space
May the father figures be with you!

Author: Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)

Prima facie, Star Wars has little to do with psychoanalysis, but as it turns out coming of age in space is no child’s play. After all the jedi are only human and - in the case of Star Wars - they make for terrible parental role models. The extremely difficult parent-child relationships in Star Wars are a great source for drama and storytelling material. The characters, like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, are haunted by the fatherly presence (or lack thereof).
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“If you dream of a thief…”

Author: Omnia El Shakry

“If you dream of a thief, you will be receiving a guest.”
Popular Egyptian saying

If the dream is a picture puzzle or rebus, as Freud reminds us, what then is the status of collective dreams or popular sayings? The popular Egyptian saying, “if you dream of a thief, you will be receiving a guest,” argued Najib Badawi in 1950, could in fact be aligned with psychoanalysis. Dissecting the saying according to both its symbolism and its predictive power, Badawi argued for an adaptation of Freud’s methodology in the Interpretation of Dreams to the collective unconscious of the popular as expressed in myths or sayings.
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Love as a projection of parental relationships

Author: Arjet Pervizi

"One of the forms in which love manifests itself is sexual love, which, if it is taken separately, gives us a bad sense of real satisfaction" - Sigmund Freud.

"Love" as a concept is a natural phenomenon that has the strength to change the mental state in different ways, which many people usually, considering the power of its impact, try to limit or control. However, in a wider context, Freud saw ´love´ as a unifying force essential to the evolution of civilization. Although in this broader context, he identifies radical discrepancies between the natural role and the importance of love to form civilizations.
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Toward a philosophical psychiatry (and how psychoanalysis could help)

Author: Jose Maanmieli

Abstract: I offer my reflections on the current state and future of psychiatry from the latest International Conference of Psychiatry and Philosophy celebrated in Madrid (November, 2017). Those who take seriously the philosophical nature of psychiatry are more sensitive to the lingering sense of impasse. Indeed, some openly expressed their frustration.
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We. 06/2018

Do you recognize this person?


The Podcast of the last radio broadcast is now available!


In his book, „Totem and Taboo” (1913), Freud deemed any attempt to etymologically explain the term as difficult. The word taboo is Polynesian in origin but lacks the idea which it connotes.

The Ego and the Psychopathology - Le moi et la psychopathologie

Recognizing the importance of psychoanalytic theory for those who try to study the humanities, I took it upon myself to write a theoretical book that contains widespread notions: the ego, the neurosis, the psychosis, perversion, inversion.

Souleymane and the Story of the Transformed Reborn (Part I)

This essay was written in 2011 after spending several weeks in Mali/West Africa.

Psychoanalysis online? A short overview of the current practice and the state of research

The use of the Internet is integrated into the daily life processes of large parts of society and affects not only social relations, but also ...

My Relation with Anna Freud

by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

For a short while, it appeared I had a bright future in psychoanalysis: Thanks to my friendship with the formidable Kurt Eissler, I was offered a position with the Freud Archives.

Why still and again Freud?

by Thomas Aichhorn

It is truly gratifying that from now on there will be an online magazine called "The Vienna Psychoanalyst".

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