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Psychoanalysis: A foreign field (Part II)

Author: Dany Nobus / Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)

(Until next Wednesday, Dany Nobus will be available in the forum to answer your questions!)

In Part II, Dany Nobus discusses the Bloomsbury Group, the psychoanalytic tradition (or lack thereof) in the United Kingdom, Shakespeare and the status quo of mental health services.

When did psychoanalysis arrive in Britain?
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Horst-Eberhard Richter Psychoanalyse und Politik

Author: Colin Kaggl

Horst-Eberhardt Richters Buch beginnt mit der Erinnerung, dass Freud einmal gesagt hätte, dass die Psychoanalytiker es nicht vermeiden könnten, „die Gesellschaft gegen sich aufzubringen, weil sie ihr ihre eigenen Verdrängungen genauso vorhalten müssten wie jeweils den einzelnen Patienten, die ebenfalls gegen diese Aufdeckung Widerstand leisteten. Man müsse also als Psychoanalytiker die Bezichtigung in Kauf nehmen, dass man gesellschaftliche Illusionen und Ideale in Gefahr bringe.“ (Richter 2003, I)
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Who was Princess Alice of Battenberg? (Part I)

Author: Dany Nobus / Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)

In his interview with THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST, Professor Dany Nobus reconstructs the clinical history of Princess Alice of Battenberg and provides insight into the history of psychoanalysis.

What sparked your interest in Princess Alice of Battenberg?
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What a piece of work is a man

Author: Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)

William Shakespeare and Sigmund Freud.

Everywhere I go, a poet has been here before me(Sigmund Freud)

No analysis will ever do justice to the scope and literary brilliance with which William Shakespeare illustrated the depths of the human condition. His iambic pentameter, or blank verse, is said to mimic the rhythm of the human heartbeat. The key to understanding his plays is empathy as the famous playwright had a profound and unsurpassed understanding of the human psyche - a gift that inspired both great admiration and ambivalence in Sigmund Freud.
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The Father Christmas myth / Il mito di Babbo Natale

Author: Gabriella Papadia

How the bells,
Sweet silver bells,
All seem to say,
Throw cares away

Christmas is here,
Bringing good cheer,
To young and old,
Meek and the bold
                                                                              (Carol Of the Bell)

Christmas is the time of the year in-between ‘what is old and what is new’, what has been and what is yet to come. It is a period of suspension and balance. What is the role of Father Christmas in our lives? ...

Ascolta come le campane,
Dolci campane argentate,
Sembrano tutte dire,
Lascia via le preoccupazioni.

Natale è qui
Porta buoni pensieri,
A giovani e vecchi,
Docili e coraggiosi.
(Versione Italiana di Carol Of the Bell)

Natale è quel periodo dell’anno che sta il “vecchio e il nuovo” tra ciò che è stato e ciò che deve ancora essere: come se fosse un momento di sospensione, di bilanci. Che funzione assume Babbo Natale nella vita di ognuno di noi?
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On the Couch

Ask our psychoanalyst!
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We. 46/2018

What is Anna Freud’s link to this fruit?

Difficulty: ***


The podcast of the last radio broadcast is now available!

The seven agencies of psychoanalysis - Charles Baudouin, between Freud and Jung (English/French)

Author: Jean-Christophe Bétrisey
To conceive the complementarity of the Freudian agencies (Es, Ego and Super-ego) with the Jungian agencies (Persona, Shadow and Self) ...


Author: Floriana Irtelli
The concept of "happiness" has a very important role in our society: many people affirm today that the purpose of life is "to be happy", but what do we mean with "happy?"

Freud´s self-experimentation with

Author: Anna Lindemann
When the name Sigmund Freud falls, most people immediately think of psychoanalysis.

Organizational alignment: A psychodynamic perspective

Author: Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries
Top executives need to realize that execution of strategy is not an abstract exercise.

Yasemin (Part I)

Author: Hale Usak
Growing up in two worlds as a female adolescent
On the relevance of the historical in psychoanalytic psychotherapies

Slavery and the Castration Complex - Healing Centuries-old Wounds with QiSynthesis

Author: Glenville Ashby
Growing up black in post-colonial Caribbean societies presents unique challenges.

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