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03/22/2018 - 03/25/2018

open to public
Organizer: EPF - European Psychoanalytical Federation
Venue: Marriott Hotel
Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79
00-697 Warsaw
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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 31st Annual Conference of the EPF, which will take place from the 22nd to 25th March 2018 in Warsaw. This year’s host will be the Polish Psychoanalytic Society and we are extremely grateful to our Polish colleagues for giving us the opportunity to discuss on the occasion of our next annual conference in Warsaw the current controversial and highly charged issues of ‘the origin of life’, which we have chosen as the main theme of the conference...

Monster Love: Facing Fauna Phobia

03/24/2018 13:00

open to public
Organizer: Freud Museum London
Venue: Freud Museum London
20 Maresfield Gardens
NW3 5SX London
United Kingdom
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Monster Love: Facing Fauna Phobia
Drop-in workshop for families
This workshop invites participants to bring out and tackle irrational other-than-human animal fears through crafting. The aim is to reduce biophobia, and encourage in its place biophilia and nature connection (Kellert & Wilson, 1993). The process has its roots in exposure therapy with the core protocol that one should ‘go towards that which you are afraid of’ (Wilson, 2012).

In spending time reflecting on the features of one’s fear, and drawing, cutting and sewing a cuddly version of it, there is keen potential to shift from a negative to a positive belief system. The resultant artefact prolongs the exposure experience, serving in intention to reduce the twin phobia components – fear and disgust (Richard & Lauterbach, 2006), before becoming a memento, a souvenir that commemorates one’s taming of a personal monster.

Monster Love forms part of a practice-based research programme undertaken by Sarah Johnson, a Design PhD student at Kingston School of Art. Participants will be requested to undertake a brief ‘connection to nature’ task pre- and post-workshop, and complete a short debriefing questionnaire/interview.

Research design will be given full ethics clearance by Kingston University ahead of the workshop. Sarah’s research is funded by the London Doctoral Design Centre and can be found here.

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