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48th ATPPP Scientific Session

04/07/2018 09:00

open to public
Organizer: Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
Venue: Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
40 St. Clair Avenue East
M4T 1M9 Toronto
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Embodyment and the Perversion of Subjective Desire
Presenter: Andrea Celenza, PhD
Discussant: Christine Dunbar, MD

The case of a young woman, Laura, who struggles with an unusual fear about her sexuality, is used to illustrate ways in which subjective positions and affective (embodied) states can be defended against and culminate in a perverse mode of relating. A schematic is offered that depicts various subjective positions (The Embodied Subject, The Reflective Self or “I,” The Subjective Object or “Me,” The Objectified Self or “It,” and Unconscious Processes or “Not Me”). Powerpoint slides will be used to illustrate the schematic, the subjective positions and their interpenetration. A modification illustrating a perverse mode of relating depicts the Embodied Subject as dissociated and how Laura struggles against a feeling of her embodied sexuality.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of the session participants will be able:

Identify perverse modes of relating and perverse uses of one’s body so that clinical modalities can target dissociative processes.
Reformulate, explore and address disembodied forms of subjective desire to linke and contain their patient’s affective experience.
Enhance their knowledge, practice and improve the quality of analytic process and communication in relation to perverse scenarios.
Describe the difference between healthy and perverse modes of relating.
Demonstrate the clinical utility of identifying various positions of subjectivity, such as the Embodied Subject, the Reflective Self and the Subjective Object.

Pfeffer Center Lecture: Mark Solms presents on the “hard problem” of consciousness

04/07/2018 10:00

open to public
Organizer: NPSA-The Neuropsychoanalysis Association
Venue: The Arnold Pfeffer Center for Neuropsychoanalysis of the New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
247 E. 82nd Street
10028 New York
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Why and How Consciousness Arises

Dr. Solms will discuss recent developments in neuropsychoanalysis that illuminate the “hard problem” of consciousness – how and why the subjective experience of consciousness arises in conjunction with the functions of the brain.   Solms’ model integrates insights from affective neuroscience, the “conscious id” hypothesis, and Friston’s model of predictive coding, free energy and “surprise,” with implications for clinical work.

Cercle de Femmes n°5 le dimanche 08/04/18


open to public
Organizer: APE - Association des Psychanalystes Européens
Venue: Studio La plage

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Le 5ème CERCLE DE FEMMES est annoncé ! Vous pouvez le rejoindre à tout moment.

Un espace protégé, chaleureux, bienveillant, où se poser, se réparer, se réconcilier, découvrir nos trésors enfouis…Un espace de coeur où tout peut être accueilli, entendu, reconnu, apaisé, honoré. Un espace où poser sa tête, ses fardeaux, ses valises..

Et, peut-être, retrouver l’espoir, la force, la foi, la joie, la légèreté? Ou tout simplement un rapport apaisé avec  soi-même, loin du regard des hommes , des parents, des enfants, des familles, ou de la société?

Réapprendre la sororité, la féminité paisible, et tant d’autres surprises encore…

Dans ce lieu magnifique qu’est le Studio la Plage, à Vincennes,vous serez attendue, accueillie, respectée.

( et n’oubliez pas de venir avec un coussin )

Sigmund Freud Museum SFU Belvedere 21er haus stuhleck kunsthalle
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