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Veranstaltung von Freunden der IDPAU e.V.:Konferenz "Putting Society on the Couch: On the psychic structure of society – Second International Erich Fromm Research Conference"


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Organizer: IDPAU - Interessengemeinschaft der Psychoanalyse an Universitäten
Venue: International Psychoanalytic University
Stromstr. 1
10555 Berlin
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Putting Society on the Couch: On the psychic structure of society
Second International Erich Fromm Research Conference from 21 to 23 June 2018
The conference (in English) is organized by the Erich Fromm Study Center at the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) Berlin, and conducted by Dr. Rainer Funk, Tübingen, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühn, Berlin.

The Research Conference 2018 aims at bringing together international researchers engaged with the work of Erich Fromm, examining the actuality of Fromm’s social-analytical approach, as well as exploring the potential for further development of this approach with regard to contemporary social developments.

Erich Fromm’s concept of the social character provides an important approach for the analysis of social megatrends and their effects on psychic structures. Furthermore, Fromm constantly focused on social pathologies within seemingly normal, inasmuch as, hegemonic social constellations. This opened up for an innovative and critical perspective within social sciences. Building on this, in the conference, we will pursue the following question: What implications can be drawn from Fromm’s conceptions for research on contemporary processes of internalization of social structures and which methods are appropriate to examine these practices?

APSAA 107th Annual Meeting

06/22/2018 - 06/24/2018

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Organizer: APSAA - American Psychoanalytic Association
Venue: Palmer House Hilton Hotel
17 East Monroe Street
60603 Chicago
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Featuring more than 50 clinical and research sessions, APsaA’s 107th Annual meeting is an extraordinary venue to participate in a dynamic scientific program and to engage with colleagues nationally and worldwide. The Annual Meeting offers stimulating content for mental health professionals, educators, researchers and students who are curious about psychoanalysis. A variety of registration fees are available. Be sure to register by May 22nd to take advantage of special discounts on hotel and meeting registration. Invest in your career and professional community by attending APsaA’s 107th Annual Meeting. Earn up to 17.5 continuing education credits including those that satisfy the requirements for risk management, medical ethics and cultural competency.

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