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A Broader View on Consciousness

02/13/2019 - 02/14/2019

open to public
Organizer: NPSA-The Neuropsychoanalysis Association
Venue: Tel Aviv Medical Center
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Tel Aviv
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Consciousness from philosophical and neuropsychoanalytic viewpoints

The Israeli Forum of Neuropsychoanalysis in collaboration with the Division of Neurology, Tel Aviv Medical Center and The Israeli Psychological Association invite you to next year’s conference.

In the first from a series of conferences on consciousness we will look at this topic from various viewpoints with an emphasis on clinical implications.

The Neuropsychoanalytic endeavor in Israel has been going on for over 20 years led by Irith Barzel-Raveh along with a dedicated transdisciplinary group who are devoted to research and learning, while striving to make clinical contributions in this effort. In this conference we will look at fundamental questions regarding consciousness: How quantity becomes quality? How is the neuronal activity translated into a Mind? We hope that bringing together neuroscientific knowledge and integrating it with psychoanalytic models and philosophical thinking will help us look at this questions, update our insights, and advance the way we work as clinicians.

The conference will include keynote talks given by Prof. Mark Solms, the founder of Neuropsychoanalysis, whose current research is centered around consciousness. There will also be keynote talks by Prof. Shimon Marom, Dr. Yochai Ataria, Prof. Amir Horowitz and others.

The conference will also include a clinical case presentation followed by a discussion by clinicians and theoreticians from various disciplines, trying to examine the clinical relevance of the broad perspective presented.

The conference will take place in the conference hall in Sami Offer building in Tel Aviv Medical Center.

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