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Immigration Panics, Borders and Eating disorders (Open Seminar)

02/20/2019 17:00

open to public
Organizer: Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies - University of Essex
Venue: Colchester Campus Room 4N.6.1

CO4 3SQ Colchester
United Kingdom
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This talk draws analogies between some dynamics of eating disorders and those of recent panics about immigration and current calls for stronger border and immigration controls. Building on psychoanalytic thinking about extremism and racism, I consider particular ways in which the rhetoric and underlying anxieties around immigration have strong links with the conscious and unconscious fantasies involved in anorexia.

I suggest that interchange across boundaries is important for health in both the economy and the individual and that, while rational argument about immigration levels is important, the extreme views in current US/UK/Europe are fuelled largely by irrational elements which can best be understood using psychoanalytic ideas.

The Speaker

Sue Kegerreis is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex where she is Course Lead for the MA Psychodynamic Counselling. A psychotherapist (both child/adolescent and adult) by training, she has taught widely and practised in health, education and community settings as well as privately. She has published numerous articles in professional journals, is Managing Editor of Psychodynamic Practice and her book Psychodynamic Counselling with Children and Adolescents appeared in 2010.

Entry is free and open to all.

Race and Psychoanalysis

02/20/2019 19:00

open to public
Organizer: The Chicago Institute For Psychoanalysis
Venue: The Chicago Institute For Psychoanalysis
122 South Michigan Avenue
60603 Chicago
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We are more aware than ever of the need to come to terms with the racism that continues to pervade our society and institutions, including psychoanalysis. In what ways does psychoanalysis itself harbor elements of racist thought? In what ways can psychoanalysis help us examine and understand the lived experience of those scarred by slavery and its aftermath? Two scholar-clinicians will consider these questions. Race in Psychoanalysis by Celia Brickman examines the ramifications of the racial subtext embedded in Freud’s writing. Gibson’s Frederick Douglass, A Psychobiography offers a psychoanalytic interpretation of the life of Douglass, the great African-American statesman and orator who was born a slave.

Celia Brickman is a scholar-in-residence at the Center for Religion and Psychotherapy in Chicago where she practices psychotherapy and previously was the Director of Education. Danjuma Gibson is Associate Professor of Pastoral Care at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids where he also maintains a psychotherapy practice.

Hubris: The Road to Donald Trump, Power, Populism, Narcissism

02/20/2019 19:00

open to public
Organizer: Freud Museum London
Venue: Freud Museum London
20 Maresfield Gardens
NW3 5SX London
United Kingdom
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In Hubris: The Road to Donald Trump, Power, Populism, Narcissism David Owen analyses and describes the mental and physical condition of political leaders past and present with a particular view that what went before paved the way to President Trump.
Of recent leaders there have been depressives, alcoholics, narcissists, populists and those affected by hubris syndrome and driven by their religious beliefs, as in Bush and Blair. But Donald Trump, a world-class narcissist, presents a completely different set of issues. This book is the first to place him in his historical, political, philosophical and medical context.

It is appropriate that it should come from someone uniquely qualified to do so. A writer on Military Conversations of 1906-14, the War Cabinet in 1940 and UK foreign policy post Brexit. David Owen was British Foreign Secretary 1977-79 and EU peace negotiator in the Balkans 1992-95. Also he has served on the board of several large international companies with interests in Russia, the US and the UK. As a former neuroscientist he has written extensively on hubris syndrome in journals like Brain and in 2008 in his classic book, In Sickness and In Power, still in print in a revised edition from 2016.

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