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Upcoming EFPP-Conference on the topic: The Challenge of Social Traumata - The Inner Worlds of Outer Realities

05/10/2018 09:00 - 05/13/2018 17:30

open to public
Organizer: EFPP - European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy /Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists of Serbia / Group Analytic Society Belgrade
Venue: Metropol Palace
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 69
11000 Belgrade
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The theme of the conference
"The Challenge of Social Traumata – Inner Worlds of Outer Realities"

was chosen in the light of recent events that have shed a new perspective on our everyday life, such as massive demographic changes as a result of wars in the Middle East, terrorist attacks that have become more common than ever, as well as growing economic concerns have significantly transformed our outer reality. But as these changes induce significant disturbances in the external environment, they undoubtedly cause profound trauma on both individual and societal levels.

By bringing together psychoanalysts, psychoanalytic psychotherapists, group analysts, as well as students/trainees from all over the world, this conference is a rather unique opportunity to not only share and discuss, but also try to perceive how these events shape the lives of our patients, as well as our own. As Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists, we "digest" certain aspects of these realities through individuals and groups we work with, while living in those realities at the same time. With a sense of honor and gratitude, we are happy to announce that some of the leading experts in these fields will participate as key speakers - Salman Akhtar, Ulrich Schultz-Venrath, Stephen Frosh, Morris Nitsun, Julian Lousada and Ivanka Dunjic.

As the magnitude of social trauma increases, we must find ways to cope with tremendous amounts of pain and suffering, both as individuals and as a society. How should we approach this uncertain reality that we are all a part of? Must we find ways to adapt, or perhaps evolve in some way in order to work through these difficult challenges?

Through Discussion groups, Small experiential groups, the Large group, Subplenaries, Workshops, Social dreaming matrix and Panel Lectures, we will explore our inner and outer worlds in a city that has been desecrated and rebuilt numerous times throughout its long and painful history. A city that endured substantial cultural and economic transformations, as well as bombing on numerous occasions, the last one being less than 20 years ago, is now evolving into a modern metropolis, despite its turbulent past and trauma that resides in its citizens. Perhaps it is a good place to continue our search.

The main venue will be the recently renovated “Metropol Palace” Hotel, originally built more than 50 years ago as a conference venue. It is situated next to one of the most renowned city parks, Tasmajdan, and is located within walking distance from the city centre. Facilities of the Belgrade University – the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Technical Sciences, as well as the University Library, are in close proximity to the Hotel and will be used as additional venues. The official language of the conference will be English, and all additional information will be available through future announcements, as well as the conference website – www.efpp-belgrade2018.com

Sigmund Freud Museum SFU Belvedere 21er haus stuhleck kunsthalle
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