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Case material re-envisioned: An interrogation of Jung’s Psychoid Concept (Open Seminar)

11/14/2018 17:00

open to public
Venue: University of Essex Colchester Campus
Room 4N.6.1

CO4 3SQ Colchester
United Kingdom
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Jung’s psychoid concept does not feature prominently in his published works, and yet there is evidence that he was already contemplating a psychoid unconscious by the time of his 1907 meeting with Freud and that he went on thinking about this subject for the rest of his life. My forthcoming book Jung’s Psychoid Concept Contextualised, based on my PhD work here at Essex University, examines the evolution of this concept in Jung’s thinking and its relevance in post-Jungian thought today.

The latter aspect of my work involved an empirical study concerning attitudes towards embodiment in the consulting room. The study comprised a series of dialogues with senior analysts, in which process notes were employed not as primary data but as an interview tool. The transcripts were analysed to extract the private theories of these analysts, and such private theories then furnished a comparison with Jung’s own account of his psychoid concept.

In this presentation, I propose to focus on this study and hopefully to foster discussion concerning the surprising results that came from it.

The Speaker

ANN ADDISON, Ph.D., (UK) is a training analyst of the SAP, and works with adults in private practice in central London. She has a Ph.D. at Essex University on the subject, ‘A Study of Transference Phenomena in the Light of Jung’s Psychoid Concept’, and has a forthcoming book on the subject entitled Jung’s Psychoid Concept Contextualised. She also has papers published in the International Journal of Jungian Studies and the Journal of Analytical Psychology, and has taught Jungian Studies at Birkbeck College, Essex University and the Central School of Speech and Drama, as well as taking seminars and facilitating trainee groups at the Society of Analytical Psychology and at the British Psychotherapy Foundation. Email: abaddi@me.com.

Entry is free and open to all.

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