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This section can be used by universities, psychoanalytic associations, publishers, auction houses and museums to call attention to their offers relevant to psychoanalysis.
In this way our international users shall be informed more quickly about where and when upcoming congresses, conferences, auctions and book launches will take place.

If you are interested, please email to calendar@theviennapsychoanalyst.at for further information.

The Leicester Conference

08/04/2018 - 08/17/2018

open to public
Organizer: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

United Kingdom
>> Website

The Leicester Conference
Task Authority Organisation
4 – 17 August 2018

This annual Group Relations residential conference, which has been running since 1957, is designed for those who are looking to develop their leadership and managerial capacity to effect change in work groups and organisations and to improve their ability to work with complex and challenging issues.

The Leicester conference provides unique and exciting opportunities for you to learn through experience about group, organisation’s and social dynamics and the exercise of authority and power. How to get the most out of your team, generating goodwill and employee ‘buy-in’ – followership – and understanding and working with your own and your organisation’s resistance to change.

There is now wide recognition that group and systems psychodynamics play a vital part in the success or failure of work projects and organisational change. Likewise, the understanding and management of feelings, tensions and other dynamics in group situations are essential to effective leadership.

Each conference is a temporary organisation consisting of a series of events which are designed to enable the exploration of different work experiences and behaviour. So, there are no presenters as such; instead the conference staff offer working hypotheses based on their experiences and understanding of what is happening in the ‘here and now’ during the various events.

The next Leicester conference invites you to find out about the different boundaries with which we engage in our daily professional encounters, including the boundary relationship between mind and body, yourself and your colleagues, colleagues and the environment, the creative potential within these relationships and your capacity to transform organisational life into a meaningful experience of citizenship in this world.

Please get in touch to find out about the various discounts we offer.

RADIO: UNBEWUSST - die Lust am freien Sprechen

08/08/2018 20:00

open to public
Organizer: Radio Orange 94.0

>> Website

Welcome to the first psychoanalytic radio show live from Vienna!

UNBEWUSST - die Lust am freien Sprechen airs every second Wednesday once a month on Radio Orange 94.0!
The podcasts of the radio show can be found HERE.

The 26th Nordic Psychoanalytic Congress

08/09/2018 - 08/12/2018

open to public

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An infant cannot become a feeling and thinking human being without the presence of primary caregivers.  Psychoanalysts are experts in close observation of the meanings of such presence, and psychoanalytic theories as well as clinical concepts contain a distinctive body of insight and knowledge regarding the importance of presence for the psychic life of a developing human being. Concepts like holding, containing and mentalizing all denote different kinds of significant presence, which are rooted in the early emotional life of an infant. Without a good enough interplay between presence and absence of caregiving adults a developing human being will encounter additional challenges in being present in her own mind, both for herself as well as for others.

But psychoanalysts know as well that a person is never completely present for herself – that there is an inevitable gap, an abyss, a rupture, which brings absence into the picture. The ego is not master in its own house, Freud formulated.  The concept of unconscious enables one to think of the various kinds of absence, both for oneself as well as for others.  What really matters in the psychoanalytic process is often precisely that which is significantly present through its absence, influencing a person’s way of being present but often escaping perception and understanding.  This process takes place on the edge between presence and absence, aiming to facilitate the capacity to be mindfully present for oneself and for others.  In current psychoanalysis, there are very different conceptions and models of how the unconscious is structured and how the unconscious affects the analytic encounter and life in general.

The conference invites all kinds of papers, both clinical and theoretical, addressing issues on presence and absence. We invite each society to choose a paper concerning the theme of the conference to be presented at the plenary sessions. Individual papers are to be sent to the scientific committee of the conference.

Title and abstract (100-200 words) are to be sent before October 15th 2017 to Jussi Kotkavirta, jussi.kotkavirta@gmail.com, as an email attachment, as a Word file.

Questions concerning the scientific program can be sent to jussi.kotkavirta@gmail.com.

There will also be a pre-congress on child and adolescent psychoanalysis, a pre-congress on teaching in psychoanalysis and a meeting for candidates. More information about these events will follow.

Collusion, Erfahrungswissen, NS-Vergangenheit – psychoanalytisch-sozialpsychologische Perspektiven auf den NSU-Komplex

08/24/2018 20:30

open to public
Organizer: PSZ - Psychoanalytisches Seminar Zürich
Venue: PSZ - Psychoanalytisches Seminar Zürich
Quellenstrasse 25
8005 Zurich
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Marc Schwietring studierte Politische Wissenschaft, Soziologie, Sozialpsychologie und Psychologie in Hannover und Berlin; Masterarbeit zum Thema Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung und Rechtsextremismus in Deutschland. Seit 2009 tätig als Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an verschiedenen Universitäten und in Drittmittelprojekten zu den Themen Rechtsextremismus, Rechtsextremismusprävention sowie interkultureller Dialog; zuletzt Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. Gegenwärtig Promotionsstipendiat der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung zum Thema NSU-Prozess vor dem OLG München. Forschungsschwerpunkte: Rechtsextremismus- und Antisemitismusforschung, Politische Kultur der Bundesrepublik, Politische Psychologie und psychoanalytische Sozialpsychologie.

Das Abstract mit ausführlichen Informantionen wird zeitnah aufgeschaltet.

NPSA Congress – Mexico City 2018

08/31/2018 - 09/02/2018

open to public
Organizer: NPSA-The Neuropsychoanalysis Association
Venue: Universidad Intercontinental
Av de los Insurgentes Sur 4303
14420 Mexico City
>> Website

The 19th Annual Congress of the International Neuropsychoanalysis Society

Repression and Defence

Repression and defence are arguably the central concepts in Freudian psychology, yet many mysteries remain. In this Congress, we want to dive into the unknown together and see how new insights from psychoanalysis, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy can improve our understanding of these core psychodynamic processes. Here are some of the issues we will address:

Most of us agree that repression is somehow related to memory. But how? And does therapeutic change really depend upon modifying a patient’s memory of the past?
Which aspects of repression and defence can be investigated in psychological experiments, and which occur only in the clinical situation?
What (conscious and unconscious) cognitive and affective factors contribute to repression and defence, and which neural mechanisms play a role?
At which developmental stage does repression start? And how does repression relate to other mechanisms of defence?
Repressed desires, conflicts, and trauma are central sources for the dynamic unconscious. But is repression fundamentally different from (conscious) suppression?

XI. Wiener Symposium „Psychoanalyse und Körper“

08/31/2018 - 09/02/2018

open to public
Organizer: SFU - Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität Wien
Venue: Sigmund Freud University Vienna
Freudplatz 1
1020 Vienna
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XI. Wiener Symposium „Psychoanalyse und Körper“
Der Körper in der relationalen Psychotherapie
31. August bis 02. September 2018
Präsymposiums-Workshop mit Günther Heisterkamp am 30.8.2018

Lernen durch Erleben!

Dieses Symposium wird anders:
Wir leben den relationalen Aspekt, indem wir gemeinsam ein körpertherapeutisches Lernerlebnis schaffen.
Erfahrene, Unerfahrene, Interessierte und Begeisterte sind eingeladen auf Augenhöhe zusammen zu wirken, zu fühlen, zu denken und vor allem zu erleben. Im Sinne der Einheit von Körper, Geist und Seele wird Wissen so zur Verfügung gestellt, dass eine mehrdimensionale Erfahrung „inkorporiert“ werden kann.

Infoveranstaltung zur Aus- und Weiterbildung in Psychoanalyse

08/31/2018 19:00

open to public
Organizer: PaIB - Psychoanalytisches Institut Berlin e.V.
Venue: IfP - Raum 1
Goerzallee 5
12207 Berlin
>> Website


Infoveranstaltung zur Aus- und Weiterbildung in Psychoanalyse und tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie für Erwachsene und/oder Kinder und Jugendliche

Freitag, 19 Uhr in Raum 1.

Ort: IfP, Goerzallee 5, 12207 Berlin

Ursula Hauser: Traumanalysen - ethnopsychoanalytische Forschungsreise

08/31/2018 20:30

open to public
Organizer: Stiftung für Psychotherapie und Psychoanalyse
Venue: PSZ - Psychoanalytisches Seminar Zürich
Quellenstraße 27
8005 Zurich
>> Website


Dr. phil. Ursula Hauser spricht auf Einladung der Stiftung für Psychotherapie und Psychoanalyse im PSZ, über ihre ethnopsychoanalytische Forschungsreise mit einer Gruppe StudentInnen der SFU Wien nach Kachabri-Talamanca, Costa Rica, wo sie bei der indigenen Bevölkerung der Bri-Bri lebten.
Sie schreibt: "Der Mittelpunkt unserer Forschung war der TRAUMINTERPRETATION gewidmet und dem interkulturellen Austausch zwischen den Träumen der indigenen Bevölkerung der Bri-Bris, und unseren eigenen Träumen als weisse, (meist) europäische Besuchergruppe ... mit unserer psychoanalytischen Auffassung der Träume". (Giros de ASPAS 12/2017, S. 1243).
Wir erwarten einen spannenden Bericht und sind sowohl auf die besondere Traumdeutungstechnik der Bri-Bri im Vergleich zu der uns vertrauten psychoanalytischen neugierig, als auch auf die Art und Weise des kulturellen Austausches zwischen den an dieser Begegnung Beteiligten.

Sigmund Freud Museum SFU Belvedere 21er haus stuhleck kunsthalle
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