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05/31/2019 - 06/02/2019

open to public
Organizer: EFPP - European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy /Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists of Serbia / Group Analytic Society Belgrade
Venue: Hermoupolis Town Hall
Platia Miaouli
841 00 Syros
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The Syros Summer Workshop on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Studies has become a living tradition in the past 20 years. The Workshop, which takes place every other year in the neoclassical building of the Hermoupolis Town Hall in the Cycladic island of Syros, combines Greek island summer weather with psychoanalytic studies.

It is organised by the Hellenic Association of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy under the auspices of EFPP. From the first Workshop (held on May 1998) EFPP and IPA members from all over Europe have been joining this event in this sunny and picturesque Greek island of Syros.

Successful Workshops of the past enjoyed the presentations of invited speakers like Margot Waddell (U.K.), Jean Begoin, (France), Gianna Williams, (U.K.), Imre Szecsody, (Sweden), Roberto Basile (Italy), Luc Moyson (Belgium), Serge Frisch (Luxembourg), Biddy Youell (U.K.), Prof. R.D. Hinshelwood, Ricky and Louise Emanuel (U.K.), Majlis Winberg Salomonsson & Anders Jacobsson (Sweden), and Ann Horne (U.K.).

The high quality theoretical and clinical presentations in the plenary meetings are discussed in small Anglophone and Francophone groups characterised by a friendly atmosphere, which encourages the exchange of ideas. The same friendly atmosphere accompanies us to the seaside and the local tavernas after each day’s work and is perhaps one of the reasons that most of the Syros Summer Workshop participants keep coming back for the next event.

The 11th Syros Summer Workshop will explore the idea of the ‘Third’: the various forms of the ‘paternal third’, its presence or absence in regard to the multiple and complex forms of contemporary families (e.g. ‘patchwork’ families, single parent families, same sex parents, adoption, IVF treatments, sperm/egg donors, mixed race families, etc.).

Psychodynamische Tage auf Langeoog

06/10/2019 - 06/14/2019

open to public
Organizer: Albertinen-Akademie
Venue: Langeoog
26465 Langeoog
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Psychoanalyse und die auf ihr fußende psychodynamische Psychotherapie bedürfen des offenen und zugleich geschützten Diskurses. Die Insel Langeoog schafft auch zu Pfingsten 2019 den dafür notwendigen Rahmen – zu dem diesjährigen Thema „Das Ich ist vor allem ein körperliches“.

Die „Psychodynamischen Tage“ (kurz: PdT) auf Langeoog wurden 2016 bis 2018 von den hunderten Teilnehmenden begeistert aufgenommen und ermöglichen auch 2019 durch den geschützten, weil abgegrenzten und abgrenzbaren Raum der Insel einen intensiven Dialog zwischen Fachkollegen, Lehrenden und Lernenden. Dabei haben sich sowohl die Vorträge als auch die vertiefenden Seminare thematisch auf Anliegen der psychoanalytischen Theorie und der darauf basierenden psychodynamischen Psychotherapie fokussiert. Die entspannte Atmosphäre der Insel ermöglicht zudem den informellen Austausch.

IARPP Conference 2019 – Tel Aviv

06/20/2019 - 06/23/2019

open to public
Organizer: IARPP - The International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Venue: Intercontinental David Hotel
Kaufmann St 12
61501 Tel Aviv
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The 17th Annual IARPP conference will focus on “Imagination”. How can we keep imagination alive, vital, passionate and creative? What does it contribute to our lives, and what does it mean for individuals or a society when there is a failure of imagination?

We will explore the differences between imagination and lies, faulty reality-testing, the messianic, prophecy, unconscious phantasy, escapism and illusions. As well, we will examine the differences between imagination, dreaming, and thinking. And we will ask ourselves if– or under what conditions might– imagining become dangerous to the self, other, or society.

We will also explore the notion of imagining within the complex social and political reality of Israel. How can we continue to imagine and yet remain open-eyed in this country and region of the world? Likewise, how can we imagine with open eyes in the privacy of our consulting rooms? Can there ever be change without imagination? Related, what role does the latter play in the therapeutic process, when does it elude us, when is it indispensable and when is it intolerable? Does the Other’s gaze enhance our ability to imagine, and/or inhibit it?

We invite you to come to Tel Aviv where together, we will imagine with eyes wide open.

Psychoanalyse und Film - La Nuit Américaine (Die amerikanische Nacht)

06/23/2019 17:30

open to public
Organizer: Akademie für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie München e.V.
Venue: Filmmuseum München
St. Jakobs-Platz 1
80331 Munich
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Die Filmreihe Psychoanalyse und Film eine Kooperation des Filmmuseums München und der Akademie für Psychoanalyse, wird fortgesetzt. Das Thema dieser Reihe Psychoanalyse und Film ist "Film im Film"

La Nuit Américaine (Die amerikanische Nacht)
F, I 1973 - R: Francois Truffaut
 Moderation: Eva Friedrich, Mathias Lohmer

Zeit:     Sonntag, 23.06.2019, 17.30 Uhr

Sigmund Freud Museum SFU Belvedere 21er haus stuhleck kunsthalle
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