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Can politics be psychoanalyzed?

Author: Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)

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The status quo of the interplay between psychoanalysis and politics - Dr. David Bell and Dr. Martin Engelberg are familiar with both worlds.

Psychoanalysis in the Public Sphere

The election of Donald Trump has motivated not a few hobby psychoanalysts and journalists to analyze his behavior. Thus far he has been described as narcissistic, megalomaniac, and even fascist. To put political leaders on the public couch is not a new phenomenon. Body language and rhetoric in the context of politics have always been subjected to scrutiny, but are they really part of psychoanalysis? The field has had difficulties finding its place in the modern political debate and being taken seriously.
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Between truth and falsehood there is plenty of room for humor.

Venue: Review: panel discussion „Truth and Falsehood“ / Sigmund Freud Private University, Vienna, 11/20/2017
Author: Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)

The event was prompted by the Sigmund Freud University’s cooperation with the Institute for Psyche and Economy and the Law faculty in Vienna. After an elaborate introduction of each participant, Der Standard editor Eric Frey hosted the event and raised the question of what distinguishes falsehood from the truth. Intellectually and entertainment-wise, the philosopher Konrad Paul Liessmann set a fast pace that was difficult to catch up with. In principal, falsehood is different from fallacy since falsehood is intentionally spread misinformation. Dr. Barbara Helige, lawyer and professor, provided those present with interesting insights into juridical day-to-day life and raised several issues that were addressed during the debate.
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Welcome to the first psychoanalytic radio show live from Vienna!
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Souleymane and the Story of the Transformed Reborn (Part I)

Author: Anita Dietrich-Neunkirchner

This essay was written in 2011 after spending several weeks in Mali/West Africa. Along with my family, I visited a befriended couple working in Bandiagara. Bandiagara is a small town in southeastern Mali located on the edge of a sandstone cliff area, the Falaise, which was added to the UNESCO list in 1989 with its approximately 300 villages as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The walls of the escarpment around Bandiagara were populated during the 14th century by the Dogon people - ...
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Children´s Dreams in Psychoanalysis - The Dream Narrative of a 4-Year-Old Child (Part I)

Author: Sabine Schreckenthaler

Sigmund Freud "Interpretation of Dreams" is the centerpiece of psychoanalysis. Much has been written about the psychoanalytic perspective of dream narratives from adults. However, it seems as if dream narratives of children have never been given priority. The following article deals with the question of the importance of children´s dreams and if they are rightly overlooked in case studies and theoretical papers.
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We. 48/2017

With which world-famous contemporary female writer, whose books Freud also read, did he share his fascination of archeology and ancient history?


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Why still and again Freud?

by Thomas Aichhorn

It is truly gratifying that from now on there will be an online magazine called "The Vienna Psychoanalyst".

Dreams during pregnancy. The importance of pregnancy for the woman from a psychoanalytic perspective.

„Only if the mother holds her baby for unique enough and trust it enough to fulfill her conscious and unconscious wishes, will she be able to disregard temporarily her own narcissistic needs after birth, because these desires are now moved onto the baby.“

Thoughts on the human image in psychoanalysis

From a treatment perspective, respective implicit or explicit human images ...

Cultural Ideas and Ideals

Cultural ideas and ideals, manifested in their narrative form as myths, pervade the innermost experience of the self. One cannot therefore speak of an ´earlier´ or ´deeper´ layer of the self beyond cultural reach.

Family Secrets

Etymologically speaking, the term "family" has its roots in Latin and refers in a figuratively sense to a housing community defined by marriage or ancestry.

Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore!

The famous author Edgar Allan Poe continues to be courted by psychoanalysts across the field´s spectrum.

Josef Breuer 1923

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