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Evolutionism, Affective Neuroscience And Psychotherapy


open to public
Organizer: NPSA-The Neuropsychoanalysis Association
Venue: University of Rome
Via dei Sabelli 108
00185 Rome
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Department Neurosciences and Mental Health
University of Rome

SPI – Società Psicoanalitica Italiana


Evolutionism, Affective Neuroscience
and Psychotherapy

25 January 2019
Rome, via dei Sabelli 108

The main theme of this conference is Affective Neuroscience, which has allowed us to reposition the psychoanalytic drives within the motivational/emotional systems, in a context once again shared with biology.

Exploring the Self

02/09/2019 - 02/10/2019

open to public
Organizer: NPSA-The Neuropsychoanalysis Association
Venue: Hotel Quirinale
Via Nazionale, 7
00184 Rome
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The 4th Italian Psychoanalytic Dialogues Conference in Rome will make a contribution to the topic of the “Exploration of the Self”, summoning three experts from the fields of neuroscience and psychoanalysis. They are invited to share their points of view in order to bridge different disciplines involved in the attempts to define one of the most complex, elusive and intriguing concepts: the Self. Vilayanur Ramachandran, (S.Diego University, USA), a world-famous neuroscientist who is known for his pivotal experiments about self-perception, will explore the interface between neurosensoriality and the building of the Self. George Northoff (Ottawa University, Canada) will focus on the neural basis of the Self as explored through his work using neuroimaging studies. His work about the perception of space and time related to the sense of Self has brought in the new concept of neuropsychodynamic psychopathology. Mario Rossi Monti (Università di Urbino, Italia/ Società Psicoanalitica Italiana) will offer a psychodynamic overview of the development of the Self according to a psychoanalytic and phenomenological approach in the frame of postmodern cultural transformations: from the “Protean Self “ of Turkle to the borderline identity diffusion. During the Sunday session, leading exponents of different therapeutic approaches will join the discussion about a clinical case that relates to relevant disturbances of the Self.

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