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The Magazine

established in 2014

THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST is an independent, international, psychoanalytic online magazine based in Vienna, Austria. The online magazine aims to provide an informative platform for anyone interested in psychoanalysis. After the announcement on September 23, the E-magazine went online in November 2014.

Since then, THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST has published numerous articles in German and English on current and past issues from a psychoanalytic point of view. Independent from all existing institutions and associations, we offer an open platform, where interesting topics can be discussed and knowledge is made accessible to a wide readership. 
All leading articles can be commented on for a week after their publication in our forum, where the authors are readily available to discuss their work.

In MAY 2015, with the conceptual and design support of THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST the first German, psychoanalytic radio show "UNBEWUSST - die Lust am freien Sprechen" went on-air.

In FEBRUARY 2018 the first episode of the webseries "FINDING FREUD" was released.

Publisher: Désirée Prosquill

Assistant: Margarita Bolldorf

Editorial: Silvia Prosquill

Online-Psychoanalyst: Michaela Heger-Holeschofsky

Regular authors:
Lea Dohm
Matthias Scharpenberg
Sabine Schreckenthaler

Foreign Correspondent:
Greece: Helen Carabott

Over 100 international guest authors...

Radio TEAM "Unbewusst - die Lust am freien Sprechen":
Alisa Bartl
Anna Schantl
Mario Bartl

Movie TEAM "Finding Freud"
Marlene Grois
Sabrina Zehetner
Désirée Prosquill
Marija BalubdÅži?
Margarita Bolldorf

Public relations: Eugen Prosquill

Web developer: Vit Kocourek

Graphik design: Catharina Ballan

Finance: Werner Salzmann, Désirée Prosquill

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