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“We think in a different way as children. We tend to think around corners instead of in straight lines. Sometimes the shortest distance for a kid between two points is not a straight line and that´s the way we think in dreams.” (Stephen King)

IT is more than a story about a murderous clown. Clowns as the purveyors of absurdity have always been associated with the sinister. More often than not, they take their ridicule of human behavior to the extreme reminding us of our own fallibility. The more confident children find enjoyment in this act but there are always the slightly insecure, shy and troubled boys and girls wary of the clown´s unpredictable antics. Especially children who suffer abuse at home are prone to shy away from this apparent lack and, in the case of the clown, absolute abolishment of clear boundaries and coherence in behavior which is a dark reminder of their unstable family dynamics. At the same time, we are left in the dark about a clown´s true identity hidden behind the grotesque make-up and unnerving smile. Freud points out that:...

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