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Application, deepening and turning away from the application of hypnosis techniques

Josef Breuer, the creator of the cathartic method, whose name is for that reason indissolubly linked with the beginnings of psycho-analysis. (See Freud1925g) Freud describes him as "a man of rich and universal gifts, and his interests extended in many directions far beyond his professional activities". (Freud 1925g) Freud became acquainted with Breuer in 1881 at the Physiological Institute where they soon became friends. Freud wrote about Breuer

„My friend and helper in my difficult circumstances. We grew accustomed to share all our scientific interests with each other. In this relationship the gain was naturally mine.” (Freud 1925j)

1892 Freud described a "case of Hypnotic Healing," a woman who complained about classical hysterical symptoms such as vomiting, anorexia nervosa, insomnia, over excitation, which prevented her to breastfeed her child. After two treatments, the patient gave up on the symptoms. Freud repeated the same thing a year later, after the birth of her second child. Freud said that with hysteria the patient would not be aware of its resistance. The patient had a permanent exhaustion what Breuer called a hypnotic state. (See Freud 1895d)

1895 Freud published together with Josef Breuer "Studies on Hysteria" afterwards he used for the first time the cathartic method on a certain Mrs. Emmy. (Freud 1895d) There was no thorough investigation and Freud seemed to have actually relied heavily during the treatment on a direct therapeutic suggestion, which he as usual connected together with massage, baths and rest. (Jones 1982)...

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