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Religious theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung are among the most important and influential in the history of psychology. Both soul researchers did not become tired throughout their lives to engage, extensively and tirelessly in numerous essays, lectures and letters with the phenomenon of religion and the psychological integration of its creation.
This three-part essay covers a topic that has already been discussed numerous times by psychoanalysts, theologians and cultural studies, in the German literature:
There are a number of publications that have separately as content either Freud’s religion critical works or Jung’s religiously colored archetypes. In this work too, the understanding of religion from both is illuminated separately in Parts I and II. Comparative Reflections on the concept of Religion from the two doctors, as they are presented below in Part III were, however, rarely made in the literature - perhaps because of the appearance of a fundamental incompatibility between Freud and Jung, and as such this type of project was often deemed as impossible from the outset. Presentation and comparison of religious understanding from the two protagonists takes place in the way of thinking of each underlying psychodynamic system, with Freud in the sense of psychoanalysis, with Jung in the sense of analytical psychology....

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