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Dreams have occupied people for centuries - whether for the belief in divine inspirations and visions of the future or, as Freud said it, ‘the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious´. The nocturnal visions affect our lives.

The interpretation and understanding of dream images are especially in psychoanalysis centralized tools. The inner psychological processes that are involved in the creation and design of dreams make - even if they often disguise the true meaning - sense.

One, who devoted part of his life´s work to the function and to the decryption of the dream, was Sigmund Freud, whose writings were at the beginning misjudged and rejected, form now the basic for any research of the phenomenon.

Freud´s Interpretation of Dreams

In his comprehensive work “The Interpretation of Dreams” Freud brings together for the first time essential elements of psychoanalysis. Of particular note here are his theories about the unconscious as well as the awareness of hidden conflicts as a therapeutic method.

He postulated that dreams are not a somatic but a psychic phenomenon and thus capacity and manifestation of the dreamer. To resolve the question for the meaning of the dream he thus makes use of the analysis and asks the dreamer for his own subjective interpretation.

To explain the often confusing and incomprehensible images of dreams, he introduced the terms manifest dream content - the dream as it is remembered – and the latent dream thought - the related material brought forward through psychoanalysis. Freud called the conversion of the latent dream thought into the manifest dream content, for example, by condensation, displacement and symbolization, the dream work....

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