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The dream narratives of a four-year-old girl

When I, as the project leader [N.T. In the interview below as V], turned on the camera, B already looks at the animals and puts them in the sandbox; she takes out a crocodile and a shrub - the shrub is thorny;

B: "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! "(00:13 min, Interview B)
B shouts when she picks up the tree, and laughs;

She seeks eye contact with me, smiling at me, she always shows me the animal that she takes out of the container; to the crocodile and several spiky trees she puts a bull, which she calls "evil" (00:55 min, Interview B); but the other two animals were friends;
On the first question whether B has ever dreamed something she says approvingly:

B: "Uh-huh" (1:08 min, Interview B)
And without further questioning she says loudly:
B: "Mama is fall into the pool." (1:09 min, Interview B)

She makes swimming movements with the arms and the following dialogue arises (from 1:09 min, Interview B):

B: "And there she sw..sw..swims.[N.T here in German B nearly mentions disappearing “verschwindet” instead of “schwimmen”..swimming ]"
V: "That the Mama fell into the pool and swims there, did you dream?"
B: "And then swims longer."
V wants to say something, B interrupts me: " And then cl..cl..climbs on the waterslide "
V: "The Mama?"
B: "Uh-huh."
V: "What then sliding down?"
B: "Uh-huh. Because there was on the water. "
V: "A beautiful dream?"
B: "Uh-huh."

B continues to play with the figures; she pressed them all firmly into the sand and commented that:
B: "I am very strong. I already throw the D (a boy, note of the author) down. And the E (a girl, note of the author), as she was six. "(Min 1:50 Interview B)...

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