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Previous Freud editions

The tradition to publish Freud´s writings in a collected form dates back to the year 1906. At that time, the publishing house Franz Deuticke published a volume in which a collection of small writings of neuroses with some of Freud´s works from between 1893 and 1906.

Between 1924 and 1934 appeared in the International Psychoanalytic Press Freud Collected Writings in twelve volumes. This issue was again the basis for the Complete Works in 18 volumes, published in the Publishing house Imago in London 1940-1952. The S. Fischer used this issue for its photomechanical reprint which in 1987 had added a supplementary volume. These two great editions were organized by a team of editors and under the lead of Anna Freud.

From 1953, the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud appeared. It comprised 24 volumes and edited by James Strachey in collaboration with Anna Freud at the Hogarth Press in London. This edition was complete in 1974.

On the Standard Edition was based 1969-1975 the 10 volume Study Edition of the S. Fischer publishing house, for which Alexander Mitscherlich, Angela Richards and James Strachey were responsible. Ilse Grubrich-Simitis wrote in 1975 a supplement volume with technical literature, and in 1989 as part of a revised edition appeared a Freud-Bibliographie mit Werkkonkordanz by Ingeborg Meyer-Palmedo and Gerhard Fichtner (Frankfurt: S. Fischer Verlag (1989).

None of these here mentioned editions includes - apart from a few writings - Freud´s pre-analytical writings, i.e. the publications that appeared between 1877 and 1893/4. [The first edition, which also includes pre-analytical writings, is “Freud in Kontext” an electronic edition of the year 2010 (InfoSoftWare, www.infosoftware.de).]

Note of editor: There are 3 different Complete Edition of Freud’s Work in German a) Die Gesammelten Werke (in English: Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud) b) die Studentenausgabe (Study Edition) and c) Freud im Kontext (Freud in Context). The Sigmund-Freud-Gesamtausgabe is a new Complete Edition of Freud’s Work

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