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„Only if the mother holds her baby for unique enough and trust it enough to fulfill her conscious and unconscious wishes, will she be able to disregard temporarily her own narcissistic needs after birth, because these desires are now moved onto the baby.“ (Brazelton and Cramer 1991 zit. n. Schleske 2008, 22)

Until now Pregnancy as well as maternity were little to barely investigated in terms of introspection for woman.

Since the mother is subjected to big changes in physical and psychological sense during the time of pregnancy, it is of great importance to pay more attention to pregnancy. For this reason, I conducted a study on dreams of pregnant women for a scientific work. The dreams of pregnant women serve as an aid to reach the unconscious conflicts, wishes, fears and needs in the time of pregnancy. In this article I will only briefly discuss my study and place the emphasis on the importance of pregnancy for woman.

In this very significant change for the woman fantasies over the unborn child start and are often quickly displaced because they trigger anxiety. Likewise occurring desires that are connected to the unborn baby are displaced too, as these can also cause fears of the unknown. During this time, the needs of the mother shift to the baby.

It so happens that during pregnancy many women have more dreams during their sleep. The dream represents the repressed desires and fears that remain unconsciously in the waking life. Jörg Baltzer (cf. 2008, 77), a German gynecologist, writes about this, that more nightmares occur during pregnancy, mainly reflecting the responsibility of the woman to the partner and the child. He is also of the opinion that every pregnancy, regardless of how much it was desired, is never free of conflicts; these conflicts are reflected in the dream....

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