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Why still and again Freud?

Author: Thomas Aichhorn


It is truly gratifying that from now on there will be an online magazine called "The Vienna Psychoanalyst". At first, I gladly accepted the request to write a leading article for it. However, when I started on the questions they put me to think, especially the last one; "What fascinates you about psychoanalysis? Is there something about it that you do not appreciate? If Yes, what? ". All too soon, I realized that I do not know the answers to some of the questions. Immediately, the first part of the question, the phrase "What fascinates you about psychoanalysis?", I have no appropriate response, because I am of the belief that it no longer is the psychoanalysis, whatever that was or should be. This has set my thinking in motion.
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But, why still and again Freud?...

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