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When I go to the Freiburger Starbucks, I see some zealous medical students who rehearse diligently with thick earplugs in their ears. Then there are the brilliant writers who are still waiting for the appointment to the same and by nose picking, excessive coffee consumption- after all the refill only costs 50 cents – and frequent visits to the toilet, they try to solve their writer´s block. There is usually also always a person who is a bit antisocial: The homeless-psychotics who smells bad, falls asleep and then jumps briefly to defend his table; a little washed up dog owner who lets his furry pet run around, even to the tables of frightened mothers with dog hair-allergic children; lately a young woman who lets out a terrible curse, which sets the teeth on edge every 5 minutes, so that inevitably I begin to fantasizes, what she could do with the men who have her cursing so much. On the other free tables, where no individualists are, sit couples, girlfriends or French families.

And one can have become so accustomed to that one no longer may noticed it: Of those who sit together at the table, at least half at the moment of viewing it, is busy with their cell phones: The young woman with the strict perfume odor types all the time on her I-phone, in between she takes some bites from her muffin and then smiles briefly with her mouth full at her male counterpart, who also types around somewhat listless on his cell phone. There are the twenty-year-old female twins, each of which taps on their phone, each with headphones in the ear. There is the French family, woman, man and the pubescent daughter: the father strokes his I-Phone, obviously searching something on the Internet, the daughter types something into her cell phone, the mother checks her makeup in the mirror of the cell phone.

Talking without a side view to the mobile phone is a rarity in the microcosm of Starbucks. That it is not about an artifact of an underclass-Niche-cosmos, knows anyone who has ever experiences meting young high school students during a school trip in the train: He will find that seventy-five percent are kinda busy with their cell phones....

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