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To talk about psychoanalysis in Indonesia is something very sad. I do not know when exactly psychoanalysis came to Indonesia, but in my opinion, psychoanalysis came along with psychiatry and psychology. However, psychoanalysis is the initiator of psychiatry and psychology.

Despite its incredible popularity and legendary knowledge, psychoanalysis is hardly recognized by Indonesian people. Only a few academics are familiar with psychoanalysis. But this is exactly where the bigger problem comes from. Psychoanalysis has been taught in a wrong way, it was taught with only one theory from psychology and only for less than 2 hours. Yes, there are only 2 hours to understand psychoanalysis. Without practicing, only theory. What make it worse is that the lecturers who teach this theory are not competent enough in psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytic theory has been mingled with hypnosis. The lecturers incomprehension about psychoanalysis makes it look like black magic because it talks about sexuality and unconscious.

Many defamations are uttered about psychoanalysis and Prof. Freud because of those lecturers incomprehnsion. Lets say, for example, that psychoanalysis as a knowledge is not worthy, not scientific, moreover it is full of pornography. As if this is not enough, Prof. Freud has been maligned, the rumors say that Prof. Freud left the hypnosis because he was not able in making a rapport, the betrayer, the lewd scientist.

We were curious why psychoanalysis in Indonesia is not well-known and be missunderstood in such a way. In our observations, we found 3 aspects that cause those problems:...

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