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How much narcissism does love need?

Author: Michaela Heger


The concept of narcissism is a very complex and often confusing topic in psychoanalysis. If it is used as a stage of development, it refers to the primary narcissism. Freud described this as a stage where the child is self-sufficing for itself. (Freud, 1921) The infant has no ego boundaries and it lives with his environment as one, in other words, there are no boundaries between self and object representations. For Freud this is also the original stage of the oceanic feeling. (Freud, 1930) This regeneration is a lifelong effort and the development of the ego consists in a distance from the primary narcissism and thereby generates a desire to obtain this original state again. (Freud, 1914) A desire to lift the boundaries and a merging with another person represents an essential part in the life of an individual....

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