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First of all I would like to say how glad I am about this psychoanalytic online magazine. Finally there is an adequate online platform to draw attention to the relevance of psychoanalysis.

With this in mind and according to the season I want to express some thoughts on money and gifts.
At the first sight the connection between economics and psychoanalysis doesn’t appears to be a particularly strong one. There is only a small psychoanalytic discussion of this topic even if it concerns all of us. Freud operated with some economic expressions, and more than this, they constitute an essential part of his metapsychology. The psyche works in Freud´s models also largely based on economic principles.

On the other hand, few economists have occupied themselves with psychoanalysis. Is this surprising? Maybe not so much, because this fact can be understood as a form of resistance. It costs too much to overcome, to deal with psychoanalytic theories that relatively shame free assume links between feces, money and gift. (K.Gourgé, 2001, Psychoanalyse: Perspektiven einer psychoanalytischen Ökonomie)...

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