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Indonesia is a country with various tribes and traditions. This is what makes this country rich in mythology and symbols of ancient civilizations that we will encounter many of the historic relics such as temples, reliefs, stupas, etc. One of the most famous mythology comes from Sunda, West Java, namely Sangkuriang. It is about a young man who killed his father and fell in love with his own mother. Surely, this Sangkuriang story will remind us of the Greek mythology that is the Story of Oedipus. And indeed it is, the story of Sangkuriang has a similar plot to the story of Oedipus, but also has certain differences. Particularly is the presence of symbolic elements in it. Before we discuss this further, let me invite the readers to a short overwie of the Sunda Mythology entitled Sangkuriang.

In ancient times in West Java, there lived a beautiful princess named Dayang Sumbi. The beauty of Dayang Sumbi makes the princes fight for her, so there is war in many places. It finally made Dayang Sumbi escape into the middle of the forest accompanied by a clever male hunt named Tumang. In the middle of the forest, Dayang Sumbi lives together with Tumang in an old hut. One day while weaving cloth, Dayang Sumbi dropped her loom. Because she feels lazy, she throws words out without thinking about them, "anyone who brings me back my loom, if he is a male I will make him my husband, if it is a women I will make her my sister". And unexpectedly, Tumang takes her loom. Dayang Sumbi had to fulfill her promise, so she married the hunt Tumang. From her marriage with Tumang, Dayang Sumbi gave birth to a son whom he named Sangkuriang....

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