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In our interview series "in conversation with“, we will briefly present the authors of the leading articles. We want to give our users the opportunity to read the leading article from a different point of view.

This week we are very glad to welcome Petra Roscheck from Vienna, Austria:

Psychoanalyst / psychotherapist in training under supervision
Studied psychotherapy science at the Sigmund Freud University, Vienna...

DWP: What brought you to psychoanalysis?
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Eine Psychoanalyse des Atomkriegs

Author: Lea Dohm

Horst-Eberhard Richter (1923-2011) war lange Zeit das deutsche Gesicht gesellschaftskritischer Psychoanalyse. Seine Erfahrungen in den Kriegsjahren, in denen er unter anderem als Wehrmachtssoldat an der Ostfront kämpfte, prägten seine späteren Arbeiten nach erfolgreichem Studium der Medizin, Philosophie und Psychologie. Als Psychiater und Psychoanalytiker war Richter Mitbegründer der Ärztlichen Friedensorganisation „International Physicans für Prevention of Nuclear Weapons“ (IPPNW), später ausgezeichnet mit dem Friedensnobelpreis.
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“My old and dirty Gods”

Author: Pamela Cooper-White

Freud’s consulting room has become a familiar historic image with its carpet-draped couch, and as is well known, every surface was laden with ancient archaeological figurines. With affectionate irony, he called them “meine…alten und dreckigen Götter[1].” These figures represented to Freud a metaphor for psychoanalysis itself – digging for long-buried evidence of powerful but often unacknowledged truths. That they were gods presents an even deeper mystery, never plumbed directly by Freud himself, but suggesting the simultaneous fascination and aversion characteristic of a neurotic symptom.
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The mother tongue as language of emotions

Author: Jorge Luis Rios

A transcultural, psychoanalytic essay for migrants.

The root of my interest in transcultural psychoanalysis is probably anchored in my own biography, and this interest grew while working with patients at the Sigmund Freud University’s outpatient clinic, and later in my own private practice. During my time at the outpatient clinic, I observed the phenomenon that many patients longed for psychotherapy in their native language, despite being proficient in German. This phenomenon took on a new dimension when individual patients preferred psychotherapy in German, although they were not proficient.
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Psychoanalysis: A foreign field (Part II)

Author: Dany Nobus / Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)

In Part II, Dany Nobus discusses the Bloomsbury Group, the psychoanalytic tradition (or lack thereof) in the United Kingdom, Shakespeare and the status quo of mental health services.

When did psychoanalysis arrive in Britain?
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On the Couch

Ask our psychoanalyst!
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We. 46/2018

What is Anna Freud’s link to this fruit?

Difficulty: ***


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Who was Princess Alice of Battenberg? (Part I)

Author: Dany Nobus / Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)
In his interview with THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST, Professor Dany Nobus reconstructs the clinical history of Princess Alice of Battenberg and provides insight into the history of psychoanalysis.

What a piece of work is a man

Author: Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)
William Shakespeare and Sigmund Freud.

The Father Christmas myth / Il mito di Babbo Natale

Author: Gabriella Papadia
How the bells, Sweet silver bells,
All seem to say,Throw cares away

The seven agencies of psychoanalysis - Charles Baudouin, between Freud and Jung (English/French)

Author: Jean-Christophe Bétrisey
To conceive the complementarity of the Freudian agencies (Es, Ego and Super-ego) with the Jungian agencies (Persona, Shadow and Self) ...


Author: Floriana Irtelli
The concept of "happiness" has a very important role in our society: many people affirm today that the purpose of life is "to be happy", but what do we mean with "happy?"

Freud´s self-experimentation with

Author: Anna Lindemann
When the name Sigmund Freud falls, most people immediately think of psychoanalysis.

Organizational alignment: A psychodynamic perspective

Author: Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries
Top executives need to realize that execution of strategy is not an abstract exercise.

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