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Freud´s self-experimentation with "cocaine" in 1884: a door to psychoanalysis

Author: Anna Lindemann

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When the name Sigmund Freud falls, most people immediately think of psychoanalysis. However, Freud was already an interesting researcher before developing psychoanalysis. Some of the key steps that have led him to develop psychoanalysis have already been made while working on his previous research areas, such as neurophysiology and psychopharmacology. In the following article, I would like to explore the path, which made psychoanalysis possible and in a certain sense signifies its beginning: In April 1884, when Freud was still a young assistant doctor at the Vienna General Hospital, he read about a new medicine called "cocaine". This effective ingredient of the coca leaf was itself not a new discovery.
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Author: Momo Sahr

Womit habe ich mir das nur eingebrockt? - denke ich mir, während ich das Buch von Marga Löwer- Hirsch lese und mir schon im Geiste vorzustellen versuche, wie eine Rezension dazu wohl aussehen könnte.

Das Thema als solches halte ich für zentral in der Psychotherapie. Missbrauch ist Realität, ob in der Gesellschaft oder in der Therapie und es ist im Sinne der Aufklärung und Prävention wichtig sich mit dem Thema auseinanderzusetzen. Warum gehe ich dann jedoch innerlich auf Distanz während ich das Buch lese?
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Organizational alignment:
A psychodynamic perspective

Author: Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries

Top executives need to realize that execution of strategy is not an abstract exercise. It involves people. And to have people work together towards a common goal is not a given. People need to be co-opted to make strategy implementation successful. As many senior executives have learned the hard way, to get everyone on the same page, to create alignment, can be an uphill challenge full of resistances. And even if the executives in question do have the will to follow a certain path, they may not have the skills to go there. They may engage in the kind of dysfunctional behavior that makes teamwork very difficult.
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Yasemin (Part I)

Author: Hale Usak

Growing up in two worlds as a female adolescent

On the relevance of the historical in psychoanalytic psychotherapies

I believe it was a Saturday night in 1988 when my parents took us children to visit a friendly "guest-worker family" in the neighborhood. I can remember a lively society, a room steeped in the bright light of the ceiling lamp – a space, in which the adults and children gathered in a world of their own. Our parents sat on the "couches" that were common in so-called "guest workers´ homes" and chatted while the children were absorbed in their games on the floor. We were enveloped in Turkish sounds of our native tongue and scents of black tea and Çerez, the Turkish nibbles consisting of pistachios, whale and hazelnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and Leblebi (roasted chickpeas).
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Slavery and the Castration Complex
Healing Centuries-old Wounds with QiSynthesis

Author: Glenville Ashby

Growing up black in post-colonial Caribbean societies presents unique challenges. The specter of racism involves ethnicity, color and class as the history of the region resulted in a diverse tapestry of cultures rigidly stratified along racial lines.

The institution of slavery in the Caribbean (1662-1838) reshaped the psychological construct of millions of people up to this day.
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On the Couch

Ask our psychoanalyst!
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Desaparecidos: How do you mourn a missing person?

Author: Valeria Portaluppi
This article aims to examine the special circumstances that mourning work has to take into account when dealing with relatives of the Desaparecidos - people who went missing during the last civilian-military dictatorship in Argentina.

What are the limits of scientific curiosity?

Author: Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)
On famous psychoanalysts and their study of parapsychology.

Social narcissism (Part I) / Le narcissisme social (Part I)

Author: Elsa Godart
We suffer in this world: our society is pathogenic. This society is one that is part of what is now called hypermodernity.

American Views on Anna Freud (Part I)

Author: Carmen Birkle
The Vienna School of Psychoanalysis with its creator and main proponent Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) triggered significant interest in the U.S. and became particularly prominent when Freud visited the U.S. in 1909.

Sigmund Freud´s return to Vienna

Author: Sabrina Zehetner (TVP)
On June 4, a sculpture of Sigmund Freud created by Oscar Nemon was unveiled on the campus of the Medical University of Vienna.


Author: Helen Carabott (TVP)
Two famous psychiatrists, who loved art and whose homes were made into museums.

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