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Freud´s Journeys

Freud spent a significant portion of his life traveling. His journeys not only offered recreational time but also had a great impact on his work and the development of his theories.

This section will help vacationers and all those interested in psychoanalysis follow the tracks of Freud.

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Bad Gastein, Salzburg
„Only pleasant peace and the twittering of birds!”

In 1916, Freud describes Bad Gastein in Salzburg as “inhumanely beautiful”. The wild and romantic historical area inspired Freud to write many of his famous essays and books. In August, he stayed at the Villa Excelsior – at the time owned by the spa physician of Bad Gastein Dr. Anton Wassing. A few years later, he read Schopenhauer for the first time during his stay at the Villa and wrote the manuscript of “Beyond the Pleasure Principle”. In July and August 1922, Freud and Minna took a cure at the spa in Bad Gastein where he worked on the books “The Ego and the Id” and “Observations on the Theory and Practice of Dream Interpretation”. The hotel was a popular meeting point for the psychoanlyst´s numerous acquaintances and celebrities, e.g. Felix Deutsch, Kurt Redlich, Smith Ely Jelliffe Leopold Königstein, Julius Tandler and Friedrich
Adler which made it increasingly difficult for Freud to focus on his work amid the picturesque landscape. The hotel Excelsior was, and is to this day, the perfect place to escape the stressful working life and enjoy “cultivated idleness and soft tedium

Ossiacher Lake, Carinthia

1907 and 1923 Freud spent his holiday at the Grand Hotel Annenheim. However, the hotel´s days were numbered and in 1971, the traditional and historical building was demolished. Only the well-preserved boathouse made of wood has survived down to the present day and still radiates some nostalgia!

Semmering, Lower Austria

Freud often visited the Semmering, and in 1928 resided in the Grand Hotel Südbahn. After the Second World War, the hotel resumed operations but remained unsuccessful. The Südbahnhotel was not able to meet modern touristic standards. The building hosted the Reichenau festivals from 2000 to 2010 and – with its few remaining rooms in the main wing and numerous halls - resembled a theater building rather than a hotel.

Czech Republic

Příbor (German: Freiberg in Mähren)

Freud´s birthplace. On Mai 6, 1856 at 6:30 pm, Sigmund Freud was born in Mähren (today Přibor), Schlossergasse 117, as the son of Jakob and Amalie Freud (born Nathansohn).



From December 1926 to January 1927, the couple Freud visited their son Ernst and Oliver in Berlin. There, Sigmund Freud met Albert Einstein and his wife at his son’s place on December 29. He also bumped into Arthur Schnitzler at a hotel in Berlin and came to see his colleagues Max Eitingon and Ernst Simmel. On December 30, he attended a Russian production of Die Fledermaus with the Eitingons. During this time, they stayed at the Hotel Esplanade at the Potsdamer Platz - one of the most popular hotels in Berlin in the Roaring Twenties that was almost completely razed to the ground during an air raid. Today, a small component is part of the Sony Center.

Hamburg, Wandsbek

Freud came to see his soon-to-be wife Martha Bernays who lived in Wandsbek. During his visits, he stayed at the old Posthaus. On September 13, 1886 Freud married Martha Bernays at the townhall of Wandsbek (civil marriage). On September 14, the Jewish marriage took place. They spent their honeymoon in Lübeck, Travemünde and Vienna.


Lavarone, Trentino
"Where the clover blossoms in July..."

Sigmund Freud spent many summers in Italy where he enjoyed taking long walks in the forests of Trentino. Surrounded by a breathtaking scenery, the Hotel du Lac in Laverone was both idyllic resort and haven to the father of Psychoanalysis. The hotel had been previously recommended to him by a Jewish poet, a friend of his brother Alexander, whose biggest wish whilst lying in hospital was to see “the blooming Laburnum (Golden Rain) in Lavarone” one more time. At the beginning of September 1901, he traveled to Riva for a few days, accompanied by Martha´s sister Minna, and mentions in a letter to Wilhelm Fließ meeting Sigmund Mayer, Gustav Tschermak, Friedrich Jodl und Friedrich Dimmer there. In the following years, he frequently visited the area with his family, and in 1907 wrote the essay "Delusion and Dream in Jensen´s Gradiva". In his biography “My Father Sigmund Freud”, Walter Freud remembers the inspiring hiking tours with his father. In 1979, the psychoanalyst Cesare Musatti honoured Sigmund Freud with a plaque and to this day, the Hotel du Lac hosts the annual psychoanalytic congress of the study centre Gradive established in Gionghi in 1990.

Palermo, Sicily

1920 Freud and Ferenczi spent 5 days in Palermo. There, they stayed at the Hotel de France. The hotel was closed down in 1936. After the Second World War, the University of Palermo bought the hotel and turned it into a pension that was closed down again in 1970. It was only many years later that the building finally got renovated. In 2009, it was re-opened as a guest house for foreign scientists.

Freud about Ferenczi: “My travelling companion is a dear fellow, but dreamy in a disturbing kind of way, and his attitude towards me is infantile. He never stops admiring me, which I don’t like, and is probably sharply critical of me in his unconscious when I am taking it easy. He has been too passive and receptive, letting everything be done for him like a woman, and I really haven’t got enough homosexuality in me to accept him as one. These trips arouse a great longing for a real woman…”
(Letter to Jung by Freud on September 24, 1910)

During his stay in Palermo (1910), Freud and Ferencszi went on many trips, including an excursion to Syracuse. Before that, they visited the temple Segesta, the excavation site Selinunte and the city of Agrigent. Their sightseeing tours also led them to the city of Castelvetrano (Freud would later forget the name and cite it as an example of a Freudian slip in his book “Psychopathology of Everyday Life”).

Freud „…Sicily is the most beautiful part of Italy and has preserved unique fragments oft he Greek past …..”
(Letter to Jung by Freud)


In 1912, the Freud Family met Sándor Ferencz at the Hotel Erzherzog Heinrich while on holiday.

Freud was a frequent guest of Naples, in 1902 he visited the city for a longer stay with his brother Alexander. They were captivated by the city (they visited the National Archaeological Museum) and the surrounding region with cities like Pompeji, Amalfi, Salerno und Paestum. 8 years later in 1910 he and Sandor Ferenczi paid Naples a visit on their way to Sicily.


Den Haag

At the VI. International Psychoanalytic Congress in 1920, Freud and his daughter Anna stayed overnight at the hotel „Paulez“. Unfortunately, this beautiful hotel was bombed and demolished during the Second World War. Today the U.S. Embassy stands in its place.

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