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Unbewusst – Die Lust am freien Sprechen

Author: DWP


Once upon a time not too long ago, Bernhard Staudinger (from Radio Orange) and Désirée Prosquill (from THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST) met and spoke about maybe bringing psychoanalysis on the radio.

After many wrong turns and detours through dark forests and deep valleys, THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST is particularly proud and happy to announce that Vienna will finally be enriched by a psychoanalytic live radio show starting on May 13, 2015.
The radio show will be available in our online magazine THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST for all without radio and for all interested in psychoanalysis worldwide!

How it came to this idea, is not at all that difficult to understand...

Both the radio and the psychoanalysis live through talk and speech. Free association. Providing an ear and a voice.
This is where the radio show ties in. With this project it will make psychoanalysis, which is much more than a treatment technique, audible and accessible for as many people as possible.
That is the concept on which the radio show ‘UNBEWUSST - die Lust am freien Sprechen’ (UNCONSCIOUS – the desire to speak freely) is based on.
Thematically nothing will be left out, theory will be mediated and current events will be talked about. The live radio show will be broadcasted afterwards on every second Wednesday of the month at 8 p.m. for an hour on Radio Orange 94.0(http://o94.at); the phone line will be open and calls will be accepted by the moderators.
Eager comments in the forum of THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST are welcomed, where in addition to questions, requests and suggestions will be gladly received.
Furthermore, the radio show will also present many distinguished guests, book presentations, events, prize competitions and hopefully also receive many listeners’ calls.

THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST happily introduces you to the new column "RADIO" where you will be informed regularly about the upcoming program and guests of the radio show and to these three moderators who are all possessed by psychoanalysis and who will lead us through this live radio show.

A special thank-you goes to Radio Orange and its team, mainly to Bernhard Staudinger, who has made the radio project ‘UNBEWUSST - die Lust am freien Sprechen’ possible.

We are looking forward to exciting encounters, dynamic discussions and to you, as listeners and as participants.

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