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THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST wants to give not only already internationally established psychoanalysts, but also still unknown psychoanalysts the opportunity to post a self-written and not yet published article on the FrontPage of our online magazine!

Our Users then can leave comments, ask questions or discuss the articles in our forum. Our aim is to provide an international platform where for the first time anyone interested in psychoanalysis can exchange ideas on certain topics.
Articles are welcome in German and/ or English.

If you are interested, please send your article to

(For reasons of readability, the male form is used with personal names, however the female form is also always intended.)


Author: DWP / TVP


Dear readers and listeners,

Since May 2015, the psychoanalytic radio show series "UNBEWUSST – die Lust am freien Sprechen" has been broadcasted live on every second Wednesday once a month.
For the last months, the radio team has been searching for other moderators, with the support of THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST.
Here we would like to thank you again for all your emails and applications!

Now it´s time, the radio team has decided and two new moderators have joined the team.
But not only that, through these two new hosts, it is now also possible to invite English-speaking guests to the program, so the radio series will no longer be broadcast only in German, but we will also sometimes broadcast English-language shows.

We are very proud to be able to offer this new feature from now on and all this live from Vienna!

This week we will introduce you to the female new arrival!
Welcome to the team, Valerie MARKO!

Wanted poster



Biggest personnel achievement:
To accept challenges and to gain experience.

Language (s):
English, French

Hobbies, interests:
Art, culture, literature, nature and yoga - being active!

Professional career:
After a theoretical excursion into economics and the conclusion of the first section of the International Business Administration, study of psychotherapy sciences at the Sigmund Freud University of Vienna. Psychotherapist in private practice:

Why must/should the psychoanalysis be on the radio?
Precisely because psychoanalysis deals with speech, the talking, not only as a "talking cure" in the sense of Freud, but as a lively discourse.

Objectives for the program:
Exciting guests and even more listeners that are interested. But also to make the often abstract concept of psychoanalysis more accessible and understandable to those who are interested. To think psychoanalytically and to awaken the fascination with the unconscious.

Dream interview-partner:
Sigmund Freud - this will probably remain a dream for all eternity.

My preparations for the radio show:
Remaining (un)relaxed – the excitement is nearly too much!

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