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Author: DWP


Dear Readers!

At the end of 2014, just before the beginning of 2015, we want to point out two poems by Sigmund Freud, which he wrote to Wilhelm Fließ.

The first poem was written on December 29, 1899, due to the birth of Conrad, the second son of Wilhelm Fließ, who coincidentally shared the birthday with his older brother Robert.

To the valiant son who at the behest of his father appeared at the right time,
To be his assistant and fellow worker in fathoming the divine order.
But hail to the father, too, who just prior to the event found in his calculations
The key to restraining the power of the female sex
And to shouldering his burden of lawful succession;
No longer relying on sensory appearances, as does the mother,
He calls upon the higher powers to claim his right, conclusion, belief, and doubt;
Thus, at the beginning, there stands, hale and hearty, equal to the exigency of error, the      
In his infinitely mature development.
May the calculation be correct and, as the legacy of labor, be transferred from father to
son and beyond the parting of the centuries
Unite in the mind what the vicissitudes of life tear apart.

The second poem was written on January 1st, 1901 at the beginning of the New Year. Sigmund Freud sent to Wilhelm Fließ a winter poem by Martin Freud, who was also much appreciated from Fließ.


The street are shining so fluffy* and white
and the squares are covered with snow, 
The pond, the pool, and the lake
Are frozen to shiny ice.
The wind is blowing so eerie and cold,
It blows from the East and the North.
Many a poor child is crying because of the bitter cold
And seeks shelter and refuge.
I cheerfully** go to school, 
Am not going for the first time today.
On my back rests the satchel
And between my arms lies the ruler.

* The first snow this year came, of course, only last evening.
** A lie, of course. He thoroughly dislikes going.

THE VIENNA PSYCHOANALYST wishes you ALL a good start into the New Year!

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