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We. 46/2018

What is Anna Freud’s link to this fruit?

Difficulty: ***

We. 37/2018

Can you find the 8 words related to Psychoanalysis?

Difficulty: **

We. 28/2018

Where can we learn more about the man without "distortion in dreams", who wrote the book and where does Sigmund Freud mention this?

Difficulty: ***

We. 24/2018

This item is mentioned in one of Freud´s case studies - which one?

Difficulty: **

We. 19/2018

Can you find the 10 words related to Psychoanalysis?

Difficulty: *

We. 15/2018

This time we are looking for a term: It has something to do with energy and Freud wrote about it at one point. We are looking for the exact place, the year of publication and the meaning of the term! Good luck!

Difficulty: ***

We. 10/2018

Do you spot the five differences?

We. 06/2018


Do you recognize this person?

We. 02/2018

How can one associate the French writer Marie-Henri Beyle with psychoanalysis?

We. 48/2017

With which world-famous contemporary female writer, whose books Freud also read, did he share his fascination of archeology and ancient history?

We. 44/2017


Do you recognize this person?

We. 40/2017

In which letter does Sigmund Freud mention this painting and what is its name?

We. 36/2017

Can you attribute those quotes / statements / pictures to the right person?

Sigmund Freud or Jacques Lacan?

We. 32/2017

Can you solve the puzzle?

We. 28/2017

Can you read this word?

We. 24/2017

Do you spot the five differences?

We. 19/2017

What exactly did Anna Freud mean when she used in her letters the motif of the "Ride across Lake Constance"?

We. 15/2017

What is wrong with this photo?

We. 11/2017

Find your way to the unconscious!

We. 7/2017

Do you spot the five differences?

We. 3/2017

We are looking for a term,
Freud wrote about it,
in only one place!

Good luck!

We. 50/2016

We are looking for a comparison!
As game incitation, we give you black - white, Freud, kings.
Good luck!

We. 46/2016

It´s about the Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality,
"major" is the first clue,
"minor" the second.
Who are we looking for?

We. 42/2016

Do you spot the five differences?

We. 38/2016

Which word are we looking for this month?

We. 34/2016

Which psychoanalyst is hiding here?

We. 29/2016

In which famous Italian Café is this mural painted?
Of course, because Sigmund Freud visited this idyllic place.

We. 25/2016

What are we looking
for this month?

We. 21/2016

This time we are looking for a TERM, which was of course, used by Sigmund Freud.
And is linked to WHICH celebrity?
These two pictures shall help you.

We. 16/2016

What exactly is the relationship between a famous Viennese private hospital from the early 20th century and a living now world-famous Hollywood actor?
Which phrase became well known at the time and who said it?

We. 11/2016

What terminology would Sigmund Freud think still appropriate instead of "obsessional patients”?
And where does he write extensively about it?

We. 7/2016

The animal in psychoanalysis!
Which loyal companion has even a whole book devoted to it?

We. 3/2016

Which mother-in-law killed
and who wrote a detailed report about it?

We. 52/2015

Yoga therefore kills the drives and leads to regression.
Sigmund Freud wrote this where and which friend
introduced him to the theory of Yoga practices?

We. 47/2015

Bertha Pappenheim was one of the first psychoanalytical patient. Josef Breuer and Sigmund Freud described the case in "Studies on Hysteria" known under the acronym "Anna O."

How did Breuer and Freud attain the acronym?

We. 43/2015

That John Tolkien and Sigmund Freud have something obviously in common, is crystal clear!
If we now add the indication of the seven, than the answer can only be ...?

We. 39/2015

Where Sigmund Freud lived throughout his life is well known, but where lived his daughter Anna and what kind of animals live in her former house now?

We. 35/2015

Coming from the far north, not a WOMAN, but TIROL!
An unclear thing, Oedipus?
What has Dr. Freud to do with it?

We. 31/2015

Not "Kranich", but...!
More specifically, where did the brother of K. live?
Good Luck!

We. 27/2015

Sigmund Freud postulated that parents should prepare their children for the North Pole and not for ......
But, what exactly did he mean in this context and where can we read about that?
Good Luck!


We. 23/2015

In the development of the psychoanalytic Theory of Sexuality, Freud proposed a bisexual disposition of all humans (Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, 1905).
The roots of this theory are not that commonly known, so the question is: On which of Freud´s work can this scientific study of sexual development and the exploration of a possible bisexuality be retraced?
Have fun!

We. 19/2015

Why does the Lake Maggiore also remind of Jacques Lacan?

Have fun!

We. 15/2015

It is now BLUE and Sigmund Freud was never allowed inside. Even though, so many have endeavored it, year after year, his Interpretation of Dreams just seemed too vague. You should particularly worrying about the number 13 if you want to know what it was that Freud was always denied.

We. 11/2015

The father of a patient asked Sigmund Freud for which present?

We. 7/2015

What exactly happened here?
We are looking for a nearly fatal event that can be seen as the "Beginning of the End".
What name does this lady have?

We. 3/2015

There are very different statements regarding Sigmund Freud and his relationship to music.
A persistent belief is that Freud wasn´t too fond on music. But which melody was he humming when he petted one of his dogs?
Good Luck!

We. 51/2014

"Neither Alexandre Dumas, nor Victor Hugo or George Sand accompanied Sigmund Freud to the "end", but ..., with his inner conflict between "desire" and "ability", did.
What are we looking for?

We. 49/2014

We are looking for a man, who was actually a woman.
Today, his works are purchased by collectors at a high price.
And he was related to Sigmund Freud.
Who are we looking for?

We. 45/2014

"Everyday we observe the closeness between psychoanalysis and advertising. Everyone knows that advertising can exercise power working its way through our unconscious. Yet, how to explain the immediate degree of relationship between psychoanalysis and advertising?"

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